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Dr. Hajarian is just a wonderful...

Dr. Hajarian is just a wonderful surgeon who is sharp, compassionate, and very personable. He is a leader in the field for oral pathology and facial esthetics. Dr. Hajarian has been doing my facial fillers for four years now, and he is absolutely wonderful at it. I love my results, and I love how he buffers his anesthetic so it doesn't sting too much going in. He is great at talking you off the ledge by telling you DONT need to do certain things, rather than just giving you everything you want so he can make more money. I would trust him with all of my oral surgical as well as facial esthetic needs. Thank you Dr. Hajarian and his great team for a caring professional experience start to finish!

Nora V.

My first experience...

Today I got microneedling with prp. My first experience. I love it !! Purchased a package cause i knew I'd love to keep returning! Can't wait for my next procedure. In addition i received great education on possibilities. Best of all the customer service! Dr.H genuinely cares about his patients. He's 3 doctors in one! So knowledgeable and trustworthy. He can do your facelift one day and dental implants the next! Haha

Diane B.

I am so grateful for Dr. Hajarian...

I am so grateful for Dr. Hajarian and his staff. He has been treating me for many years. The difference with his office is they really make you feel like family. The girls are always so willing to help. Dr. H always give you his honest option and I love that he will never push you to get things done! He will NEVER make you feel forced to do anything to make money and will tell you if you truly don't benefit from something. I have gone to other surgeons and they always try to talk me into getting surgery right away and Dr. H is different. He told me I can wait a few more years and gave me non-surgical options. I will be his patient as long as he practices!

Mariah A.

Dr. Hajarian is such a skilled surgeon...

Dr. Hajarian is such a skilled surgeon! He does other types of surgery but is an expert in facial anatomy which really caught my attention! I figured he is very disciplined and really cares about practicing since he has so many degrees! He is very professional and experienced. He likes natural, subtle results and that's why I chose him. I noticed from his before and after pictures that patients still looked like themselves, just improved! And that's exactly what I wanted! I couldn't be more pleased with my results, he actually exceeded my expectations! I am now thinking what other treatments I can have with Dr. Hajarian

C. Carin

I have trusted Dr. Hajarian for several years...

I have trusted Dr. Hajarian for several years. I am confident with his expertise. I have referred many many friends and family. Dr. H is amazing at everything he does! He has done several procedures for me from dental implants to filler to breast implants and so much more, and i understand people might get thrown off or feel skeptical when they hear he does all those things but I think its absolutely amazing that he excels in so many different specialties, that only goes to show how disciplined and driven he is! I am more than happy with everything he has done for me and will continue to come to him and refer people to him.

L. N.

I love Dr. Hajarian...

I love Dr. H! Liz was so helpful on giving me all my instructions for my treatment. I am always surprised how good his Spanish is! He makes sure to make time for his patients. You can really feel that surgery is his passion! When you walk in his office you see all his diplomas and certificates all over the walls! I was amazed by how many there is! Liz told me that's not even all of them! I am very happy with everything and will be back for Dr to make me more beautiful and confident!


The office staff was great!

The office staff was great! Loved Liz. The doctor was very nice and knowledgeable. Never pressured me to have procedures done. Only suggestions on what he thought would be best for me. It was painless! Will definitely go back.

Janet S.

The dr was very pleasant and professional...

I was feeling a little rundown and quite frankly older than I am. The dr was very pleasant and professional. I went into the office thinking i need a facelift and a nose job. He assured me that was not the fact and i only needed some fillers. I am so happy i chose Dr. Hajarian's office.

Myra M.

I felt comfortable in the hands of Dr. Hajarian...

My names Natalie and i was 19 years old when I got my breast augmentation done at Da Vinci Surgical and although i was nervous, since it was my first surgery ever, I felt comfortable in the hands of Dr. Hajarian. If anyone is considering cosmetic surgery I'll always suggest him!

Natalie R.

I'm very happy for the service...

Couple weeks ago I visit the office of Dr. Hajarian for a consultation on skin tags removal they were getting painful and ended up removing them that day. I'm very happy for the service that Dr. Hajarian did for me, if you have any of this issues I highly recommend him i also went back for a facial which was very inexpensive and i was done very professionally. Thank you Trini you were very nice and professional actually all the staff was professional thank you all.

Mariela T.

Dr. Hajarian know his stuff and is extremely professional...

My roommate and i both split a treatment and the results were amazing. Our eyebrows have an incredible slight lift and we both look 10 years younger. Dr. Hajarian know his stuff and is extremely professional, as Liz who took care of us. We arrived at his office and had our choice of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, which we graciously indulged in. Dr. H is our new man. We anxiously await our next appt. He and Liz laughed at our antics, but to be honest, we are pretty damn funny!

Lauri H.

The staff is very professional and caring...

Dr. Hamid is very gentle and talented. The staff is very professional and caring. I'm impressed that Dr Hamid volunteers overseas to do pediatric surgeries.

Diane B.

Dr Hajarian was very professional..

Dr Hajarian was very professional and informed me of what was happening and what needed to be worked on. He also set up an appointment for work to be performed on my next visit. Everyone in the office is friendly and professional. They all treat me with respect and provide me with the information I need and the times and dates of availability for future appointments. They are courteous and kind and always smile.

Wade G.

Made me feel confident.

His knowledge and hospitality made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. The whole staff were very nice and friendly and made me feel confident that my upcoming surgery would be as good of an experience as possible.

Peggy A.

I highly recommend Dr. Hajarian

I highly recommend Dr. Hajarian. I felt his assessment of what would be accomplished with treatment was honest. Possible reactions and side effects were discussed. I was better informed than I was with another Dr. I had considered. He and his staff are professional and pleasant.

Dawn K.

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