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Dr. Hajarian grew up in Southern California. He obtained his bachelor and master’s degrees in Microbiology and Biochemistry from California State University, Long Beach. He completed his medical and surgical training at UCLA and Rutgers University and New Jersey Hospital. Dr. Hajarian has been performing facial and body cosmetic surgery for 20 years. He is also inventor of patented surgical instruments and has published book chapters, article in scientific journals. Dr. Hajarian has also participated in volunteer teaching at UCLA Maxillofacial clinic teaching the graduating doctors. Dr. Hajarian enjoys sculpting, which helps him in performing cosmetic surgery especially liposuction and liposculpting. He has also contributed to volunteer groups performing charity surgery in underdeveloped countries in Latin America and Africa. He is the member of many organizations including American Academy of Cosmetic surgery, American society of cosmetic Breast Surgery, international college of Surgeons, European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American society of liposuction surgeons and many more. Dr. Hajarian brings you a whole new dimension is patient care and rejuvenation by offering various procedures to make you feel and look better. He is medical director of Da Vinci Medical spa where the patients enjoy relaxing while receiving spa facials and many other revitalizing procedures.

Dr. Hajarian slogan is Less is more referring to do only those procedure that one will definitely benefit from and not more.

Dr. Hajarian By The Numbers

Dr. Hajarian by the numbers

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Our state of the art facility has been serving wide spectrum of procedures from lipsuction, breast augmentation to medical spa procedures and minimally invasive procedure with great success and very low complications.