Breast Augmentation in Orange County, CA

Enhancement of female body for a more attractive appearance has been linked to many features. One of those features has been the female breast appearance. Over the centuries, the definition of attractive and sensual human female body including the shape and size of female breast has changed depending on the definition of attractiveness for a given period in history.

The painting from Victorian era in Europe and earlier from far East show a different norm of female body proportions that are not considered very attractive these days. One of those features is the size of the female breast. Compare to Victorian era, nowadays a larger more firm with least amount of sagging seems to be considered attractive.

Breast augmentation for the purpose of increasing the size of the breast has been around for decades and it has gone through its evolution. These days, two popular and safe breast implants are silicone and sailine type, both of which if done properly would feel and look the same. Depending on the desire of the patient and being a good candidate with the consent of the surgeon, either implant may be utilized for a desired outcome.

Breast implant placement can be pert form in many ways with different approaches. It started traditionally with a small incision under the crease of the breast. Then, other approaches such as incision around the nipple, in the armpit, and belly button were also popularized. Today most people prefer no incision on nipple or breast if. Thus, arm pit and belly button approaches have become more prevalent, provided that the patient is a good candidate and also the comfort level of the surgeon.

How is it done?

Regardless of whether the implant is over the muscle, in the muscle, or under the muscle, incisions are small incision is made in the selected area of approach, then a pocket is developed under the breast tissue. Then the implant is placed in the pocket and the incision is closed.

Recovery varies depending on the size of the pocket created, the approach such as under the muscle or above the muscle etc. in general, one to two weeks of recovery time is expected. Bruising, collection fluid or blood, or infection although very rare are possible. The breasts appear rock hard, unsual shape and rather high for few days and then slowly soften and drop down slightly to the desired shap and location on the chest.

Depending on the variety of female body shape and size, selection of appropriate size, shape and type is best done through consultation with a cosmetic breast surgeon.

If all the ideal criteria are met, breast implants should last a life time, although some degree of hardening of the area (called capsular contracture) is expected 100 percent of the time. This may necessitate removal and re-implantation of new implants during the life of the implant.

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